Oxatur helpt bij Kasteel Wijchen de algengroei, stank en troebel water tegen te gaan.
Oxatur enables compliance with governmental guidelines concerning ecosystem thresholds.
Oxatur solves the environmental problem caused by de-icing with glycol and formiaat.
De Oxatur bij Kasteel Wijchen is gecombineerd met fotokatlytische reiniging en speciale grassen.
Oxatur is a independently operating device that restores the concentration of oxygen in water.

Waterquality problems and oxygen

Poor water quality

Water quality has increasingly become an issue worldwide. The leading cause of poor water quality is oxygen deficiency due to pollution, excessively high nutrient concentrations, and antiquated methods of water management. The effects are evident: foul odors, dead fish and plants, high maintenance costs, declining tourism, etc.

What an Oxatur does

Oxatur provides a cost effective and sustainable solution for businesses having difficulty meeting the laws and regulations for water quality. It is a completely independently operating device that restores the concentration of oxygen in the water.

Originally developed to treat water tainted by glycol as a result of de-icing in the airline industry, the Oxatur unit is effective against a wide range of other problems:

  • Algae, duckweed or other imbalances
  • Contamination due to untreated sewage discharge

What specifications has an Oxatur?

For the installation of the Oxatur no infrastructure is needed. The Oxatur generates its own energy through solar and wind power. The Oxatur is available in two standard models: floating and static.

The Oxatur is available in a range of capacities starting at 1300 liters per hour – enough to maintain a healthy oxygen concentration in a 600 cubic meter body of water. When used as recommended, even the smallest Oxatur will triple the oxygen concentration within 24 hours.

Oxatur is the first step to bringing balance back to your water system. The Oxatur is easy to upscale according to your needs. Contact us for a customized offer.